The Operation of Moderate Class, More Knowledge Policy in Schools under Suratthani Secondary Educational Service Area Office 11

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The objectives of this study were 1) to study the operation of Moderate Class, More Knowledge Policy in schools, 2) to compare the operation of Moderate Class, More Knowledge Policy in schools based on personal condition, and 3) to study the guideline for operational development of Moderate Class, More Knowledge Policy in schools under the Office of the Secondary Educational Service Area 11. The population used in the study was 44 schools.The sample group was 40 schools using prefabricated tables (1970) and simple random sampling. Data were collected from 400 respondents including school administrators, heads of academic affairs, and teachers teaching subjects applying Moderate Class, More Knowledge Policy from all subject areas. The data were analyzed by mean, standard deviation, and One – Way ANOVA.             The results of the research found that 1) the operation reduced the study time and increased the overall knowledge time at a high level (3.96), sorted as follows. Planning the implementation of activities Improvement and development And supervision and monitoring. 2) Results of comparing operations based on personal factors, it was showed that personnel with different positions and work experiences had statistically significant differences in opinion on the operation, reduce the study time and increase the learning time at the .05 level. In educational establishments of different sizes, they were found to be no different. 3) The results of the study of operational development guidelines Moderate Class, More Knowledge Policy found that the important educational institution operating guidelines were planning, organizing activities, reducing study time, increasing the time to learn in accordance with the context of the educational institution. Linked to learning standards By further analysis, synthesizing important competencies of learners, organizing activities using community, environment and information technology as learning resources Evaluation of activities By using the method of answering questionnaires and interview, etc., and collect results problems and obstacles to provide information for planning and developing activities in accordance with the educational institution context, learning standards and the competencies of learners. Furthermore, schools should brainstorm ideas from teachers to analyze problems in organizing activities Moderate Class, More Knowledge Policy which are normally used in teaching and learning. The results of the operation should be regularly reported back to original affiliations. 

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