A Synthesis of Master degree of Education theses on Curriculum and Instruction, Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University

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prapasri pechmon
Apinporn Satitpakeekul


This research synthesis aimed to 1) synthesize Master of Education Theses on Curriculum and Instruction Development Program Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University, and 2) Propose policy recommendations. Data record forms were employed as research tools. The data was analyzed by reading and recording the data in a recorded form and calculating the frequency, percentage. Statistics in data analysis were frequency and percentage. by synthesizing 43 volumes of student theses work on 5 issues: 1) researchers’ general information 2) research essential 3) research design 4) research results and discussion and 5) references sources.

          The result revealed that most of the researcher's data were female, aged between 26-30 years old, graduated with a bachelor's degree in education.mostly were female during 26-30 years of age, teaching experience between 6-10 years, graduated in education field, taught Science learning area at elementary level in public schools, 6-10 years of teaching experience teaching science learning subjects elementary in schools under the Office of Primary Educational Service Area. They made a teaching thesis that attributed the problem to national test scores (O-NET). Theoretical concepts used as a student-centered instructional management concept. Research design is quasi experiment research. There is one independent variable and two dependent variables. Direction hypothesis was set. There were 120 upward population and 31-60 samples. Thesis research results have research results consistent with the objectives.  Presentation of research results in line with theoretical concepts and research 51.17%. Most citations use 51-70 references, using domestic references rather than foreign ones. There are four policy recommendations: 1) there should be a curriculum structure focusing on subjects related to the major and more teaching profession in curriculum development, 2) there should be clear thesis framework in curriculum management 3) encourage to study modern concepts in teaching and learning and student development and 4) there should be a plan to supervise and monitor to achieve the goals in thesis conducting.

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