Parents' Information Needs for Teaching and Learning Management under the Situation of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak: A Case Study of Ban Na Se School, Nakacha Subdistrict, Chawang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

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Kamonwan Sriaksorn
ปรียานุช จักรมานนท์
Siriyapawn Preecha


     this research article is a combined research collecting quantitative and qualitative data. A questionnaire was obtained from a sample of 68 students' parents and 36 interviews. The quantitative data were analyzed by a statistical package. The qualitative data was used for content analysis.
     The results showed that most of the parents had the information needs in terms of information characteristics at the highest level ( gif.latex?\bar{x}= 4.69) . Secondly, the information content was at a high level ( gif.latex?\bar{x}= 3.86) and information sources were at a moderate level ( gif.latex?\bar{x}= 3.35). The results of the interview revealed that most parents played a major role in teaching homework to their children and therefore needed information that was learning content or a homework teaching manual and needed volunteers to teach homework to students with literacy problems. The readiness of mobile devices, smartphones that can study online is different for each family. In families who are ready, they can use Line and Google Meet as the main means of online learning. However, in the on-demand learning on DLTV channel, it was found that most parents did not use it due to device and access limitations. Most parents are more comfortable with on-hand learning than online and on-demand. Moreover, the characteristics of information that most parents agree on are The need for information that is up-to-date, appropriate in quantity, relevant, convenient and easy to access and use to create equal opportunities for quality learners.

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