Strategies for Improving the Quality of Education towards National Education Standards of schools under Nakhon Si Thammarat Provincial Administrative Organization

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Nopparat Chairueang
Samrerng Chanchum


     The research on Strategies for Improving the Quality of Education towards National Education Standards of Schools under Nakhon Si Thammarat Provincial Administrative Organization. It was a Mixed Method Research. The objectives of this research were 1) to study the basic information of the strategy, 2) to create the strategy, 3) to test the strategy, and 4) to examine the strategy. The quantitative sample group including the development strategy questionnaire consisted of 3 provincial administrative organizations, 4 administrators, 54 teachers, and 31 school committees, a total of 92 people. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the appropriateness and feasibility of the strategy were school administrators, teachers, school committees, students' parents, community leaders, and a total 32 people. The qualitative data providers were 7 qualified interviewees, 23 people for group discussions. The tools were questionnaires, interview forms, and group discussions, the collect questionnaires by mail, group discussions and interviews. Data analysis by Averaging, Standard Deviation and the content analysis of the research were as follows.

  1. The results of a study of the basic information on the strategies for Improving the quality of education towards National Education Standards found that it consisted 7 main strategies, namely; 1) organizational leadership and administration, 2) improving the quality of students, 3) improving the quality of teachers and educational personnel, 4) improving technology and innovations,  5) improving the curriculum and learning processes, 6) Engaging from all sectors, and  7) the building a network of cooperation.

  2. The results of the creation of educational quality development strategies were found that there were 6 strategies: 1) the improving students to learn to their full potential, 2) improving of curriculum for students in the 21st century, 3) improving of potential of teachers and educational personnel, 4) development of learning management process, 5) improving of digital media and technology, and 6) improving of administration efficiency.

  3. The results of the experiment on the strategy to improve the quality of education was found that the overall effectiveness was at a high.

  4. The results of the assessment of the suitability and feasibility of the overall educational quality development strategy were at the highest level.

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