Study and Analysis the word “Paliament” in Tepitaka : Case study The Buddhist Dhamma paliament with Thai paliament

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Adisak Thongbun


The word “parliament” means the organization or the conference house such as the representative parliament, the national women parliament, or the hall for speaking and the conference. The word “parliament” is specifically used in the highest national parliament. This concept cannot stay further, it stay opposite the language rules. So many parliaments happened in Thailand. With the experience in the recent, it was found that the conference in the parliament like the national representative parliament had violently presented by speaking. Those were sometimes the fake speech so that that incident became the quarrel. That conference was in the parliament or not. It was thought of the Buddha teaching in Khomadussasutta. It was meant that the conference house is not called “the parliament” where has not the good men. Moreover, its meanings were presented and shared clearly along with the Buddhist concept. If people would elect the representatives, they have to elect the good men with morality and the quality of them called “Sattapurisa” who performs for the development only, but no corruption called “Aparihaniyadhamma”. They will know the goodness of the people and the nation and pay attention to work for compensating them all


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