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Vol. 10 No. 2 (2023): Vol. 10 No. 2 May - August 2023

Published: 2023-08-30

A Study of Doubts to Akusala and Kusala in Theravada Buddhist Scriptures

Thananorn Chumura, Maechee Kritsana Raksachom, Orachorn Krichackra


A Study on the Courses of Existence of Cakkavattirāja as Appeared in Fine Arts of Rattanakosin Period

Phramaha Passakorn Dhammavadaññū (Charlatarawat), Phramaha Somboon Vuḍḍhikaro, Krissana Raksachom


Effects of Using Content-based Instruction on English Language of Mattayom 2 Students

kanchanakorn Suebruang, Parinya Thongsorn , Somsiri Singlop


Computational Science Educational Game on a Basic Algorithm for Grade 1 Students

Jutarat Nongkunoi, Nutchaya Cholwithi, Apisara Maneechod, Noppadol Prammanee, Aekkarat Lorphichian


The Effect of Plyometric Training Together with SAQ Training on Agility and Leg Strength of Futsal Player

Peerapong Dedthonglang, Dr. Disorn Keawklay, Asst.Prof.Dr.Paiyada Sungthong


A Study of Satisfaction from LINE Applications on Media Literacy among Baby Boomers in Muang District Pathum Thani Province

Naruemon Teerapattanakiat, Surachai Wongcharlee, Surada Chaianuwat, Kittiphong Changwatna, Wachara Sangsavang, Sonanong Kwaepilab


9Ps Strategy That Affects The Decision To Choose A Coffee Shop Service of Consumers In Muang District Pathum Thani Province

Naruemon Teerapattanakiat, Arisa Kenmee, Tippawan Nayot, Kannicha Sukwilai Sukwilai, Araya Rattanapreechachai


Satisfaction of the people who pass on the service Bangkok land office : Chatuchak branch

Naruemon Teerapattanakiat, Sujitra Naemai, Kunlasad pannoi, Kanokon Chomchiawchan, Phatcha Jitjak, Ratchadakan Aisung, Supansa Prasanrat


Administration for Private School in Digital era

Pattra Junyathum, Nopadol Chenaksara


Mind Development in Tebhūmikathā

Phramaha phuwanat Arunamaite(Khophobsuk) , Asst. Prof. Dr. Krissana Raksachom, Orachon Kraijak


A Study on the Insight Development according to Phrarajpariyattayakorn’s Teaching (Boonraung Sārado)

Phramaha Nitithat Ñāṇasiddhi (Siriwang), Phramaha Somboon Vuddhikaro, Kritsana Raksachom


Situational Leadership for Today School Administrator

Kanit Jensiriwong, Sirirat Kaosa-art, Mattana Wangthanomsak



Phramaha Kwanchai Puttaviseso


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