Phayanak with Footprint in The Urangathatu Legend

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Somboon Bunrit


“The Urangadhatu Legend” is the folklore that was scribed from the past to
the recent when the Phradhatpanom (Buddha’s relics Jetiya) was built. The politic situations and the religious faith were written and told from times to times in the plain of Khong river along the both banks of Khong river in the Kingdom of Thailand and the Laos People’s Democratic Republic. This folklore was accepted and believed. Moreover, people on the both banks scribed the story from the past to the present.

          Writer studied it and found that the importance of the kink of the big serpent or phrayanaga in Thai and the Buddha’s footprints appeared in the different and interesting legend, because they both have relationship together in this land such as the Buddha’s footprint “Buabok”, “Nongduang” in Parn sub-district, Barnphue district, Udondhani province, “Phachong”, “Wernkum” in Sanggom and Srichaingmai, Nongkai province, “Wernpla” in Ta Utane district, Nakornpanom provice etc. The resources were summarized that the faith in the Buddha’s footprints and the king of the big serpent (the Phryanaga) had appeared to protect and save the Buddha’s footprints in the Urangadhatu legend surprisingly


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