Good Governance in Local Administrative Organizations (LAOs) under Thailand 4.0

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Wanchai Suktam


Thailand 4.0 has been considered as an important model for driving a Value–Based Economy to develop Thailand into prosperity, security, sustainability which is the nature of the improvement and change of economic structure in order to bring Thailand out of the trap of middle-income countries, trap of inequality of stability and trap of the imbalance of development towards the transition to Thailand into a developed country in which prosperity, security, sustainability is being driven through civil state. In driving the country to Thailand 4.0 will have an impact on Local Administrative Organizations (LAOs). This is an agency that plays a key role in providing local public services that are most closely related to local people. At present, LAOs play an increasingly important role in providing various services such as promoting the welfare of the people both physically and mentally and to achieve social justice. For this reason, LAOs must focus on management on the basis of good governance. Because, good governance is considered as an important condition in the reform of the country to achieve economic and social balance for prosperity, security and sustainability. Thus, this article aims to explain good governance in Local Administrative Organizations (LAOs) under Thailand ๔.๐


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