Public Policy to Improve Quality of Life for Low Income with the State Welfare Card

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พัชรกันย์ เธียรชุตินันท์


The operation of public policy to improve quality of life for low income with the state welfare card had focusing on 1)  People development to have a quality of life with the national strategy by integrating between departments at operational division, and data links for accuracy, Thong Fah Pracharat Shop Service together EDC swipe machines in remote areas.  2) factors affecting the success of the public policy consisted of policy factors, organization factor, government official factor, information and communication process factor, and citizen factor. And 3) guidelines for the public policy action, the government should prepare the database to manage rights, develop the quality of life with stable professional development by close up with context and diversity of them to create a sustainable income to reduce the social inequalities.


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