Quality and Moral Principle For Emergency Medical Service : A sampled case of Air Ambulance Service

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ธนเสฐฐ์ อัศวปภาวัฒน์


The objectives of this article include; i)  to demonstrate the quality dimension information of the  Air Ambulance Service and ii)  to recommend the moral dimension approach for the  Air Ambulance Service providers. The main ideas of the article are as the followings. Nowadays, Thailand’s population structure is obviously changing.  However, even a population structure has been changing due to an increase in number of aging population, while number of other aged population decreased, there should be one from many factors involving the people’s living which was being healthy and having medical service provided by public and private agencies. Today, both public and private agencies are providing a service of Emergency Medical System for people’s safety due to a case of an emergency illness. In this regard, a focus on “a development concept of Thailand 4.0 related to medical service” has been put into the consideration, with a requirement and people’s expectation for being happier and healthier society. The method of making realistic result to serve the people’s expectation, in an era of Thailand 4.0, should be a launch of modern emergency medical service such as the Air Ambulance Service. In this respect, for a higher quality of service and a happier life of service officers, it should be necessary for concerned persons to provide the mentioned service with higher quality by using the six aspects of medical service framework proposed by World Health Organization (WTO). Additionally, the concerned persons should conduct their duties with moral principle, such as four moral aspects for job doing; namely THE FOUR DIVINE STATES (BRAHMAVIHARAS) or Prom Wi Harn Si principle, during giving emergency medical service, including Air Ambulance Service.


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