Development administration of the project in economic corridor Case study: Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)

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นพดล วิยาภรณ์


This dissertation is qualitative research, based on documentary data, in-depth interviews, and group discussions. The objectives of this research were to study (1) Administration development of eastern economic corridor projects to increase the economic potential of the country. (2) problems and obstacles to the develop-ment of the Eastern Economic Corridor project, and (3) impact on both the regional and national levels from the development of the Eastern Economic Corridor project.

Findings of this research were: (1) Urban planning is not appropriate, it can’t be integrated to divide the area for community and industry together, and the definition of industrial space is not clear. (2) Unskilled labor can raise production standards and innovations to improve the quality of production and sustainable knowledge between public, private, and international organizations. (3) A lack of plans for the development of transport infrastructure related to increasing the air transport capacity of the area. (4) A lack of investment in local tax incentives to benefit local entrepreneurs. (5) A lack of plans to build a good relationship, to help alleviate the suffering, the strengthening of local wisdom, and the develop- ment of the community. (6) Utility, water supply system is also effective under the special economic corridor of neighboring countries.


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