The Critique on the Concept of Capitalism in Communism

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Noppadon Bongkochkarn


     This Purposes of this research article were: to analyze the concept of capitalism in the concept of communism. This is a documentary research. In the research, it was found that: the concept of capitalism basically refers to the economic concept that allows individuals to own land and resources where free market is obviously upheld by the owner of production and economic entrepreneurs including the free utilization
of private capitalism or business organization without the government’s intervention in the prevailing domain. In this matter, such activities are mainly aimed at seeking for highest profit and thereby making of that capitalism to gain various benefits. By virtue of the above mentioned concept, it becomes opposite to the economic system of socialism. But, on the one hand, the economic system of communism is chiefly
concerned with the social concept of socialism aiming at providing happiness to human beings, to wit, the economic factors are indispensable factors in human beings’ life, The results of this research shows the implementation of communism in 5 areas which are society, tradition and culture, political and government affairs, foreign affairs and the military that have been involved in the use of capital in all operations. Therefore it shows that even though communism was form to oppose the concept of capitalism, it was only in principle. But in actual practice, it is necessary to provide fund to perform various operations.


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Bongkochkarn, N. “The Critique on the Concept of Capitalism in Communism”. Mahachula Academic Journal, vol. 7, no. 2, Aug. 2020, pp. 203-16,
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