Development of Teaching Critical Reading Skills Through Reading Strategies for Enhancing Readers Based Linguistics Synthesis

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Bundit Pantito


     The aims of this academic paper were to study the development of teaching critical reading skills through multi - reading strategies based Linguistics sysnthesis, as the key elements through available reading techniques. In addition, this finding purposes the ways of successful readers regulated, they will supplement teachers and students in getting various types of reading methods of different texts in a conceivable way. Among the development of reading strategies of Goodman, Weir and Kintsch’s theories, furthermore, critical reading strategies model was conducted by using various materials form through content analysis. Particularly, the materials used in this study were made available for readers extensively which were suitable for both learning achievement and reading fluency, the data analysis were guessing, small groups reading, reading alouds, skimming, scanning, summarizing, results. Either phrase reading, semantics expectancy, question, concept formation through thinking, process, and knowledge structure, or motivation to read apparently. The results from this study may visually provided learners with tools, in order to help learners develop critical reading skill and play sustains student’s attention span and their reading goals.


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Pantito, B. “Development of Teaching Critical Reading Skills Through Reading Strategies for Enhancing Readers Based Linguistics Synthesis”. Mahachula Academic Journal, vol. 7, no. 2, Aug. 2020, pp. 330-42,
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