The Method of Cultivation Bhāvanāmayapaññā in Visuddhimagga

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Disana Santacitto Thach


     This article aims to explain the method of cultivation Bhāvanāmayapaññā in Visuddhimagga. The objectives of this article are of two Objectives: (1) Bhāvanāmayapaññā in the Visuddhimagga, and (2) the method of cultivation of Bhāvanāmayapaññā in Visuddhimagga. Bhāvanāmayapaññā is one of three kinds of knowledges found in the Theravāda Buddhist scriptures. Those three kinds of knowledge are Sutamayapaññā (knowledge comes from hearing), Cintāmayapaññā (knowledge comes from thinking) and Bhāvanāmayapaññā (knowledge comes from meditation practice). According to the Theravāda Buddhist scriptures, only Bhāvanāmayapaññā can lead to the end of suffering. As Samādhi Bhāvanā (mental absorption) is related with the cultivation of Bhāvanāmayapaññā, therefore, one specific discourse called Samādhi Bhāvanā Sutta and the Jhāna Sutta are taken into account to explain and to examine of the Sutta contents which will pave the way to understand about the cultivation of Bhāvanāmayapaññā in the Theravāda Buddhist scriptures.


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Santacitto Thach, D. “The Method of Cultivation Bhāvanāmayapaññā in Visuddhimagga”. Mahachula Academic Journal, vol. 7, no. 2, Aug. 2020, pp. 343-54,
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