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Samiddhipol Netnimitra


     The Dhammapadatthakathã gives to every Gathâ of the Dhammapadha in the Kuddhakanikâya. In Thailand, the idiom of this scripture was written by Julla-Buddhaghosa, who obtained his materials from the same source as the Sinhalese Saddhammratnâvalî, written by Mahathera Dhammsena in the thirtreenth century in Lanka. The contents of this scripture cover the Buddhadhamma. These are eminent in the Pali grammar and showing the knowledge of history, archeology and philosophy etc. The author of this commentary gave the significance of a comprehension of the Pali grammar. One who is not sure in his Pali grammar, he cannot understand the language and its meaning. The Dhammapadatthakathã contains metaphor and simile, including illustrations. The compiler explains from an abstract to concrete by poems and bring the Buddha’s sayings at the end of each content.

          The Pali grammar is up to the stand of the Pali grammarians. So, the Dhammapadatthakathã is used as the classical textbook of the Pali grammarians in Thailand on the subject of syntax, translation into Thai and translation into Pali.


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