Teaching with three อ. theories

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Jakkaew Nammuang


Presentation of the teaching behavior of the three อ. theories. The author’s experience in teaching in schools, both secondary and higher education. For at least 29 years. From such an idea about the behavior of the teachers. The nature of teaching varies. Affect cognition of learners in terms of the doubt and not understand so unequivocally.

        The behavior of the teachers theoretical third อ. district composed. “Er theory” Modal means still baffled bewildered confusion, this means teaching students confused when thay did not know about. “Ea theory” The term “Ea” as a verb, meaning, no doubt wondering when we are not sure how often exclaimed, “Ea” as a prefix to the speak with the following sentence. This means that in When teachers teach, students questioned were not sure what they have learned or wrong. Understanding is correct or incorrect. And “Or Theory” The verb means Understanding unequivocally called the “Insight”.

                It can be seen that the behavior of the teachers. Will affect the learning of
the students. Therefore, teachers should focus on the activities of teaching theory
“yes” make the students understand the content taught explicitly. The nature of
the Insight


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