Participatory Action Research in the Model Development of the Sandonta Tradration to Strengtening the Community

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Miss Janejira Phechtarawat


The purpose of this research were to study wisdom and value of the

Sandonta tradition, to study factors in continuation, model development, evaluate and the improvement of the Sandonta tradition to strengthening the community Model. The study were conducted by using the Research and Development and Participatory Action Research.

             The research results were the value and wisdom of the Sandonta tradition. Expression in the abstract include were concept and importance of tradition. And expression in concrete include were ritual and Offering ; Home ritual,  Temple ritual, and Soul ritual. The value of the Sandonta tradition were  the psychic value, the gratitude value,  the harmony value, and the sacrifice value. Factors of success were : 1) Community leaders and people in the area  2) Religious leaders  3) Local leaders  4) Educational manager 5)Child and Juvenile. Condition of success were: 1)Knowledge 2)Leadership 3)Strengthen 4) Participation and 5) Publish exchange. The model of  the Sandonta tradition to strengthening the community (CI-HTSO3 model). Activities of the Sandonta tradition which were : 1) Concept (C) 2) Importance (I)  3) Home ritual (H)  4) Offering at home (O1)  5) Temple ritual (T) 6) Offering at  temple (O2)  7)  Soul ritual (S)  and  8) Offering at  soul (O3).


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