Public Accountability of Food and Drug Administration

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The government organization must follow government policies, rules, regulations, and related laws. For example, the Food and Drug Administration which is an organization affecting the health of people around the country. The work operating condition on public accountability of the Food and Drugs Administration today follows the mission of the organization which is to protect the health safety of people and promote knowledge to people to realize their own right in consumption. If we consider the public accountability to the public of the organization so it is not clear on volunteering. In the meantime, there have been a large number of complaints on the side-effect of consumption. People have a low attitude to the public accountability of the Foods and Drugs Administration. This was from the support factor which is ethics. The work management is considered to not follow the good governance principle on transparency, price fairness especially the goods quality which does not follow the standard of the FDA such as supplement food, fat reduction drugs, cosmetics and addictive drugs, dangerous material, chemicals which affects the life quality and social environment. The guideline application to promote public accountability suitable to the mission of the Food and Drugs Administration which is to increase the role of the organization to have public accountability by using the legal power of the FDA law which is the duty specified by the government/the ministry of public health in order to be used as a protection tool to prevent, control along with standard development of the safety health product to follow the universal standard. Moreover, there should be promotion to use technological innovation to be consistent with the government vision on the public health system of Thailand 4.0. That is, people must be aware to the situation and can access information and the public health system equally. Moreover, the research and development (R&D) should be promoted for health product and safety control system by prioritizing integrated public accountability and adjust the organizational role of the policy maker to focus on ethics and the volunteer organization use the power according to the rule of law in a way suitable for people and entrepreneurs thoroughly and fairly.  Including controlling the import of products from the liberalization of international trade in the ASEAN Economic Community that may affect society and the environment.


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