A Analysis Human Development in the Principes of Buddhadhamma

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ไกรวุฒิ มะโนรัตน์


This research has 3 purposes; 1) to study the concept of  Human development in the principles of Buddhadhamma 2) to study the of the process of human development in the principles of Buddhadhamma in the principles of Buddhadhamma 3) to analyze the Buddhadhamma along with the Human development. 

             This is qualitative research. The results of the research found that:

             According to Buddhist principles, all human beings are abilities and efficiencies for development of their mind to be wisdom until attain Nibbana it is not limited about gender, age, race, caste and knowledge.

             Human development is to make human growing up by the 4 aspecys: 1) Physical development : the development of  facayties to be growth, to know how to use the faculties properly,  not violeuce to onesels  and others. 2) Moral  development the social behavior development is accepted, respetted in the regulations, rules, ethics of society, 3) Mental  development : the development of mind by virtue : to by strung, enjoy, peaceful with the effort, mindfulness and concentration, to by ready dedicate for pubsic. 4) Wisdom development : to devenop wisdom knowing all things according to reality until having freedom of mind, not cover by defilements and suffering.

             The  human development in Buddhism stated that  the mind is contral the behavior and it is cause of arising Nams and Rupa : It is based upon the development of the mind by pra cticing the morality, concentration, and wisdom. The wisdom is developed by mental development leading to the ultimate geoal which is called Nibbana, is the  development of human completely.


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