The Model of Participatory Management of Parent’s Network for Secondary Education

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วรรนิกา อภัยภักดิ์


The purposes of this research were to 1) study element of participatory management of parent’s network for secondary education 2) create the model of participatory management and 3) evaluate the model of participatory management. The research method comprised three steps as follows; step 1: studying the element of participatory management using an interview 18 experts. Step 2: creating the model of participatory management form documentation for expert connoisseurship by 9 experts. Step 3: evaluating the model from administrators of 9 persons. The results showed that; 1. Participatory management components include awareness-raising, network creating, network model, network administration and network relationship. 2. The component of the model of participatory management was three components as follows; Part 1 Introduction. Part 2 Content Part 3 Conditions of success. The model and handbook had accuracy and propriety. 3. The results of the evaluation of the model overall and all sides were at the highest level.


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