Lesson Learnt From Human Capital Development By The Project of “Sa Kaeo Happiness City” in Sa Kaeo Province

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Chatkasem Dasri


The purpose of research are (1) to study the pattern of human development that is by the project of SA KAEO HAPPINESS MODEL and (2) to offer the way to develop human by the project of “Sa Kaeo Happiness Model” as a quantitative research for exploratory data by In-depth Interview from the key informants by snow ball sampling which has all the specific qualifications. The methods that use for collection is interview the analysis of quality informations by the content analysis to respond the purposes of research.

The result of the research found that the conduction of the Sa Kaeo Happiness Model. There is the obvious movement system including of 3 parts which are (1) Academic department (2) Civil society and (3) Local sector. Through a working group of 4 levels, including the provincial level, the district level, the sub-district level and the community level. In the good people category, there is the Sa Kaeo Provincial Cultural Office as the main driven unit which relies on the form of civilization power (houses, temples and government offices). In the district level, Ta Phraya district has raised the level of driving the good people with the activities of Thanon Saiboon Kuea-nhun Sangkhom. From the area of Thap Thai subdistrict to drive at the district level. The main goal is to raise funds from people in the district to form a fund “We love Ta Phraya”. And having an established house statute 4methods to be used as a guideline to drive clear and sustainable concrete. At the community level, there is a example: Ban Khlong Arang, Ban Kaeng Sub-district, Mueang Sa Kaeo District with the creation of the Khlong Arang House Statute in 2012 and the Constitution has been developed and upgraded to be the Ban Kaeng Sub district Health Statute in 2013.

For suggestions: (1) The Ministry of Interior especially the local government organization should be the main work unit because it is an agency in the area including having budget and personnel. (2) It should hold meetings to listen to opinions to exchange knowledge with stakeholders in all sectors. (3) Using a variety of media which can be considered as an important tool and not a high cost that can reach people everywhere. Such as community news distribution tower Local radio Local cable TV Social media Journal and various publications In creating an understanding of the province's concept of self-management to receive continuous stimulation.


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ณรงค์ ปุริสพันธ์. สาธารณสุขอำเภอตาพระยา, ๒๖ ตุลาคม ๒๕๖๑.
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