Ecotourism Management System for Royal Thai Navy

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Captain Banchob Moonchua


This research is aimed at studying 1) to study the ecotourism management models for Royal Thai Navy 2) to study the influence of causal factors affecting ecotourism management for Royal Thai Navy 3) to develop a model of ecotourism management for Royal Thai Navy. Research is mixed method between qualitative research and quantitative research which management by continue to select samples with multiple randoms sampling method and collected the data by using a query, feedback questionnaire data analysis by factor analysis approach to group metrics and reliability test are consistent statistically significant. The statistics used for data analysis that is the percentage, the mean, the standard deviation, confirmatory factors analysis and the path analysis by LISREL program version 9.10.

The results of  the relationship analysis between the observed variables of a system relationship causal structure that determines the value of relationship whether or not different from zero to see the relationships of the co-constituents before It was confirmed by using the linear constituents analyses of the correlation coefficients analysis of Pierson Model. It found that the relationship between the observed variables are all variables that have a different value from zero and It found that statistically significant at a level 0.05. The results of the models consistency analysis in the relationship causal structure of the ecotourism management for Royal Thai Navy with empirical data.


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