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With the popularity of 5g network and the development of information technology in recent years, Many kinds of app software appear, which not only enriches people's life, but also quietly changes our way of learning and education, including a large number of Chinese learning apps.In the promotion of Chinese international education, oral learning has always been the focus and difficulty, especially for Chinese beginners.For Chinese learning, whether the Chinese learningvsoftware app is effective or how to make the app software play a greater role in teaching is the research topic of this article. This article is divided into five parts.The first part is the research background. The second part is the purpose and significance of the research, which summarizes and combs the application of app software in chinese language teaching and the current situation of chinese oral teaching.The third part analyzes the problems existing in the teaching process, in order to prepare the most appropriate experimental app for the next step.The fourth part is the introduction of the experimental, which explains and introduces the experimental background, objects, and the three stages of the class before, during and after, and analyzes the experimental data.The fifth is about the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the article.

Key words: Oral Chinese teaching; Chinese learning app; Classroom teaching effect






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