The Successful Lessons Learned from Pãli Language Teaching in Wat Molilokkayaram School, Bangkokyai District, Bangkok

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Phramaha Wutthikrai Puṇnavudḍhi


     In this research, three objectives were purposely made: (1) to study the origin and the development of Pãli Language teaching in Wat Molilokkayaram School, Bangkokyai district, Bangkok, (2) to study the ways of teaching which appeared in Buddhist scriptures, and (3) to study the successful lessons learned from Pãli Language teaching in Wat Molilokkayaram School, Bangkokyai district, Bangkok. This is a qualitative research done by studying data from documents and in-depth interviews.The results of the research were found that the teaching of Pãli Language in Wat Molilokkayaram was approximately initiated since the year of 2353, B.E., and the school was established during the years of 2515 – 2539 B.E., wherein the years of 2515-2539 B.E., was somehow regarded as the time of more progressive teaching of Pãli Language. The educational era of Pãli Language from the year 2555 B.E., to the present of 2564 B.E., has been being considered as the most prosperous period. At best, there are numbers of 497 Buddhist monk students, 36 Buddhist monk teachers, and the Buddhist monk students who passed all classes were of 256 in total numbers in the year of 2563 B.E. In teaching methods, three styles were found: description, question and answer and metaphor. It appears the teachers are of lovable, respectable, adorable characters, where they act as tireless counselors and listener, being able to deliver deep discourses showing the benefit to all students. The administration theory carried out by Wat Molilokkayaram School is of 4Ms: (1) Man (2) Money (3) Material and (4) Management.

     The curriculum used for teaching is prescribed by the department of Sanam Luang Pãli language covering the contents in Tipiμaka, commentaries, sub-commentaries and extra-literary Works. There are three teaching methods as follows: (1) memorizing: grammar-class students use memorization as an easy and rapid way of collecting knowledge in mind, (2) taking action or being trained to solve the problems, (3) analyzing or being trained to compose the poem and the prose through Pãli language. The teaching equipments are of teachers, computers, and projector screens. Doing exercises, Dhamma preaching and volunteering are the activities of the given classes. The ways of class evaluation are: (1) the teachers’ examination in the classroom is used, (2) the examination is conducted by the master of Wat Molilokkayaram School, and (3) Sanam Luang examination is followed. The ways to solve the problems require the motivation where the increasing the students’ ability to have deep knowledge of Pãli language and the solution to the students’ background problems are rugualry followed up. The future directions of studying Pãli language need the following regulations: (1) the Education Act of Phra Pariyattidhamma Studies issued by Thai Parliament should be provided, (2) the teaching subject of Pãli language conversation should be performed, (3) the integration of Pãli language with English language should be made, and (4) Tipiμaka studies should be enhanced.


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Puṇnavudḍhi พ. “The Successful Lessons Learned from Pãli Language Teaching in Wat Molilokkayaram School, Bangkokyai District, Bangkok”. Mahachula Academic Journal, vol. 8, no. 3, Dec. 2021, pp. 242-51,
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