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Vol. 7 No. 3 (2024): May - June

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Editorial Team Thanks to the author Members and readers who have always been interested and trusted in our journal and sincerely hope that the selected articles will be useful to all readers. Editors would like to thank all the experts for their kindness in reading and advice on revising research articles for better academic quality.

Finally, if readers have some suggestions for how to improve this journal more completely. The editorial staff welcomes you with great pleasure.

Published: 2024-06-30

Research on the Craft and Social Change: A Case Study of the Ninigou in Huaiyang

Yang Li, Sathit Thimwatbunthong, Sitthidham Rohitasuk

1370 - 1385

Cultural Value of “HUANGHELOU” Cigarette Label Design

Liu Mi, Ina Puyuthanon, Chakapong Phatlakfa

1451 - 1469

Analysis of Optimal Attributes of Foods and Services in Huaplachongnonsea Restaurant, Srinakarin Branch

Suchaya Pengsukrat, Kamonrat Thirapong, Chakrit Potchanasin, Chompunuch Nantajit, Suvaporn Phasuk, Chayada Bhadrakom, Krit Iemthanon

1584 - 1600

Analysis of Craft Beer Attributes Affecting Consumer Preference

Piyawan Julniam, Chompunuch Nantajit, Chakrit Potchanasin, Kamonrat Thirapong, Suvaporn Phasuk, Chayada Bhadrakom, Krit Iemthanon

1601 - 1616

Pleng Cha Rueng Tao Thong in the Dimension of Philosophy

Sinam Klaywong, Surasak Jamnongsarn, Tepika Rodsakan

1617 - 1638

The Dhammadhippateyya Development of Governance in the Context of a New Thai Society

Phrakhrusophonthammachot (Sampan Siriroteboriruk), Ketsada Phathong

1639 - 1651

Developing Inspiration Speaking Competences for Life Insurance Business Executives

Jatupone Chompoonich, Trakul Chitwattanakorn, Nopparat Noyjarean

1753 - 1767

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