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Published: 2023-12-31

Ethnosemantic Study of Thai Herbal Liquor Names

Noltavich Keiwpoompwung, Panadda Rerakplian


Results of Using Tactile Activity Calendar to Reduce Prompting on Toilet Behavior of a Child with Deafblindness

Kanjana Mongkhonsamrong, Pikul Leosiripong, Ratchaneekorn Tongsookdee, Soisuda Vittayakorn


Safety Climate of a Transformer Manufacturing Plant in Samutprakan

Supusson Prombut, Chalermchai Chaikittiporn, Chaweewon Boonshuyar


Developing the Potential of Chae Son Hot Springs, Lampang Province for Health Tourism

Sutima Leepempanich, Suthangrat Kaewsanan, Tanaporn Thanyanon, Sahassaya Thongruam, Runchida Taweetam, Sudarat Kessarin, Jutatip Junead


Communication Management Plan to Prevent Social Violence in the Digital Era

Kritiya Rujichok, Marisa Sujittavanich, Malinee Nakyai, Suprawee Sirinukulwatana


Phonetic and Phonological Description of Affricates in Pāli – Sanskrit

Sitthiches Chenruay, Sanit Sinak, Anchanida Wankong, Phramaha Anukul Ngaongam


Overcoming the Native Language Magnet Theory for Second Language Adult Learners

Dhapanita Sanguanbhokai, Archaree Phiphadkusolkul, Celine Villegas, Julien Laforge-Ravet


Guidelines for School Management in the Digital Era

Suntaree Wannapairo, Thaisikarnya Bentiyanon